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Intrinsic Systems Ethos

Intrinsic Systems has always been of the opinion that it is ironic that those companies struggling to raise funding for large sophisticate fraud solutions to protect their revenues cannot do so due to their revenue losses. This leaves many MVNOs and SMEs vulnerable with no clear view of a way forward.

Intrinsic Systems has set out to address this issue by developing Tier 1 quality systems at non-enterprise costs resulting in i-fraudlab being one of the UK's most deployed protection systems used not only by multiple MVNOs globally, but also utilised by some of the biggest brand names in the communication industry such as Vodafone and EE. 

A Brief History


Intrinsic Systems flagship product is their second-generation transactional rules based engine typically deployed within the Communications industry. The Integrated Fraud Detection System was the original incarnation of this system and was developed in partnership with the telecoms industry in the UK, Asia, Australia, Central America and the Caribbean to primarily prevent telecommunication voice fraud. Since 1994 IFDS was deployed in over 30 countries to VNOs and MVNOs as well as MNOs and Traditional Network Operators with customer bases ranging from as little as five thousand to several million subscribers until its replacement by i-fraudlab.

The launch of i-fraudlab represented a step change in processing power, usage insight and system flexibility as well as management of alarms/cases and reporting. Intrinsic applied decades worth of experience of working with in the industry that has driven the revolution in communication, information technology, shopping and entertainment resulting in a system that continues to meet the requirements of these rapidly evolving and merging  industries. This has taken i-fraudlab far beyond a simple volume usage monitoring system for fraud prevention giving it the flexibility to greatly support the mitigation of stock, revenue or data loss in a number of arenas across multiple media platforms.

The Product


The communications industry has spearheaded a social revolution with the mobile phone being a central player, having gone from a simple voice product to the device that connects you to the world. Consequently this has driven a massive overlap of industries from utilities, retail, finance and logistics to entertainment and leisure, facilitating, connecting and in some cases merging these industries. Intrinsic Systems designed i-fraudlab to be able to grow and continue to meet the ever-changing demands of these triple, quad and quintet play providers.

i-fraudlab is a multi-tiered system, developed using relational database technology with multi-threaded service engines accessed via a web based GUI front end. Providing a totally scalable, modular and flexible application suite that provides multi-service reporting, alarm and case management/workflow control. i-fraudlab is capable of accepting a wide range of data inputs including but not limited to CDR/G/S-CDR/VOIP/SMS/MMS via mediation or SS7/IP and can combine intelligence from clients' OSS/BSS systems to improve accuracy. This allows the platform to monitor all current TDM data and also NGN, IP based services alongside fixed mobile convergence as well as being GSMA NRTRDE compliant.

In Summary 


i-fraudlab is a very flexible system capable of taking data from a multitude of sources allowing it to be split into appropriate groups and rules to be set against them to highlight specific patterns. Alarms can then be generated if there is a deviation from expected usage allowing our clients to rapidly react to potentially adverse changes in their data patterns and provide valuable insight into customer behaviour and their product use. i-fraudlab not only underwrites their predicted bottom line but allows clients to expand into areas that would have previously been beyond their natural risk appetites.

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