Full Hands Off

Recommended for our less seasoned clients with little to no in house experience of operating in a transnational risk environment. Put simply we source, manage and maintain all resources, processes and tools to meet the clients needs with them only have two main requirements of providing data along with access to the relevant systems to enable the outsourced team to react and mitigate any potential issue. 

iFradlab - Deployment options

At Intrinsic deployment encompasses gaining a full understanding of the clients areas of risk, level of appetite, intended uses and users, desired results and level of ownership all of which are vital to ensure we provide the most suitable tools integrated into the correct systems and processes ensuring the best fit and most efficient use of our services and products.


To achieve this our approach is very flexible with solutions ranging from the set up of a fully managed out soured fraud department where the client manages the outsource relationship directly  or via Intrinsic-System down to us just providing the software and support.

Each approach has its advantages and disadvantage and all can be tailored to suit our clients needs, so while we can not provide a ridged table of option to choose from please see below for some typical deployment option.

Mix and Match

This is the most typical deployment of iFraudLab where we are working this clients who either have a base understanding of their risks and mitigation requirements thought to upgrading the tools of a full functional team.


Intrinsic review in conjunction with the client their requirements, hosts and maintains the equipment and configuration, with requirements driven by the client's thought regular consultations with them.

The client operates a department to manage and react to iFraudLabs output and selfmanages the interation of that work load into their business.

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